Raising healthy, mindful kids isn't always picture-perfect. Here at Zara Kids Clinic we meet you where you are to help guide your family to calmness and wellness.

At Zara Kids Clinic, no matter what your main concern is for your children, we take into account all of your health information and symptoms in order to treat and balance the body as a whole.

We offer pediatric Chinese Medicine, pediatric massage, nutritional support, counseling, intentional movement classes, mindfulness and wellness classes for kids and much more!

What Zara Means

When we are balanced in body, mind, and soul, we radiate health and happiness. Zara means ‘radiance’, and the definition of radiance is “an attractive combination of good health and happiness.” Radiance implies happiness, glowing, vivacity, warmth, joy, brightness, brilliance, liveliness, energy, vitality, and strength. Here at Zara Kids Clinic, we help every patient find their most radiant self. We provide elite holistic medicine treatments that help our young patients address any issues that may be keeping them from feeling absolutely radiant.