Zara means ‘radiance’, which is defined as “an attractive combination of good health and happiness.” Here at Zara Clinic, we provide elite holistic treatments that are individualized to each patients' needs. Our goal is to help every patient find or return to their most radiant self by helping address any issues that may be keeping them from feeling absolutely radiant.

Our Specialties

We love to help children step into their power of taking control of their own health. Our services can help with a variety of symptoms, such as: anxiousness and sadness, growing pains and injuries, digestion complaints, trouble sleeping, bed wetting, and more!

We do not accept insurance for services at Zara Kids Clinic.

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Are you excited to set the stage for your child's radiant wellness for life?

At Zara Kids Clinic we provide your child with

  • - Friendly and effective natural treatments
  • - Empowerment to take control of their health with holistic wellness habits
  • - Experience in navigating health offices and treatments with confidence

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